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Siteki, Swaziland [ click for map ]

 In Swaziland, over 43% of the people have tested positive with the AIDS Virus. This, along with drought in the region and poor economic growth, has decimated the population of Swaziland leaving the children to fend for themselves, live with friends, or live with a relative. Many times the oldest child will assume authority over their brothers and sisters often time resulting in a child 12 or younger providing for several children younger then themselves through food donated by the community. While Swaziland is one of the wealthiest countries in Africa, it is one of the poorest in the world. The average person makes less than R3,500 (approx. $500 dollars) per year.

The solution is simple but is made difficult through the countries social norms and religious beliefs. Many in Swaziland believe in ancestrial worship, meaning the happenings of today are based on those who lived in the past. This belief system alleviates the Swazi people from the responsibility of their actions today. They do not believe AIDS is a result of their promiscuity but rather a curse from a previous generation.

We are working to change this through service. Service begets trust. Trust opens doors to education. Education practiced results in knowledge and that is what is leading to a change for those who live in the town of Siteki.

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