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Our Approach

Value Orientation

To create value through our national real estate activities, we focus first and foremost on acquiring quality assets at substantial discounts to replacement cost. We then apply the expertise of our own team of asset management professionals to execute well-defined strategies such as property upgrades, operational improvements or strengthened marketing efforts. 

Quality Assets

The acquisition of high-quality income producing assets is one of the keys to our real estate investment strategy.  Our affordable housing holdings include mobile home parks in prime, and emerging, markets, many of which have significant barriers to new development afforded by this particular market segment. Our investment experience has shown us that high quality assets in major, and emerging, markets with barriers to entry have held up the best in difficult markets and outperformed in strong economic times.

Management Experience

We have extensive experience in the ownership and operation of mobile home parks in the United States. We have invested in over 75 mobile home parks and brokered over 25 other mobile home park transactions over the last 12 years, making us uniquely situated to quickly assess investments and determine their risks, possible re-marketing plans, and future growth potential. We have authored books on mobile home parks, developed the largest and most respected websites dedicated to the mobile home and RV park industries, conducted mobile home park boot camps, and speak to tens of thousands of people a year on various topics pertain to investing. We have long established relationships with key market participants such as banks, insurance companies, and are able to source attractive investments through our listing websites. We have well established processes for handling all aspects of mobile home property management including acquisition, development, re-marketing, leasing, disposition, accounting, and legal.


The Founders

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