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The Smith Companies is a private real estate firm and asset management company, specializing in quality, low-income, affordable housing across the United States.  We seek attractive, risk-adjusted returns for high net worth and institutional investors through a diversified portfolio of properties. Since inception, we have invested in commercial real estate throughout the United States.  Our funds typically acquire mispriced properties and invest in discounted mortgages from distressed sellers due to restructurings, bankruptcies, foreclosures and mismanagement.

Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith

Mr. Smith, co-founder of SmithCompanies.com, has over a decade of experience in commercial real estate. Ryan brings with him more than fifteen years of extensive business experience, ranging from President and Chief Executive Officer of a privately-held software company, to serving as Chief Technology Officer for a world-wide content distribution company. Ryan brings experience in market evaluation, property analysis, management systems... read more


Jamie Smith Jamie Smith

Mrs. Smith is an avid real estate investor with over 7 years of experience investing in mobile home parks, single family residential, development, billboards, and storage units. Mrs. Smith has experience overseeing the management of various types of real estate properties, focusing on advertising, sales and accounting issues. She has managed a rent collection company, and is the manager of the Ryan and Jamie Smith Foundation...  read more


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